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On 08, Jun 2017 | In | By CMG

DJ Taz

My name is Hector Delgado and I perform as DJ Taz. I have been DJing for over 20 years, am Hispanic and fluent in Spanish.

I love listening to & playing music and bringing the energy so guests dance and create a memorable, flawless evening. My passion is keeping the crowd dancing the entire night. When I perform live, I play all genres from Spanish to English, both old and new as I mix, blend, and remix old songs to give them a fresh, new feel. I am amicable, professional, and believe in great customer service. I also supply a host of lighting gear and lasers for all events.

Past performances in and out of Ohio include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Severance Hall, City Hall, school functions, downtown clubs, weddings, corporate events, many private events, and have partnered with other local DJs at their concerts.