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Our NEW DJ Package Offers Huge Savings!

One thing that sets Jerry Bruno Productions’ DJ services apart is the fact that we aren’t a DJ factory. We show you video of the DJs we have to offer, and you get to select the DJ you like most based on presentation, personality, price, and character. Scott Jones likens it to “video dating.”

But sometimes it can be hard to choose. Sometimes, who the DJ is doesn’t matter as much as the fact that he or she is professional, reliable, and insured. That’s where our new Best Choice DJ Program comes in: For just $499, you get a 5 hour DJ service with a trusted Jerry Bruno DJ, professional sound, and the assistance and expertise in planning your entertainment from the Jerry Bruno Productions’ staff.

All you have to do to get this great rate is leave it to us! We’ll choose the Best DJ available for your date and handle all the details. Rather than working with the DJ on the details leading up to your event, you’ll speak with our office.  We’ll handle it all for you! You get a great DJ and big savings in time and cost.

This program allows you to save up to $1,000 on a DJ from the Jerry Bruno Productions roster of professional entertainment hosts. Ask a sales agent at the office about the Best Choice DJ Program today!

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Win a Free Wedding Cake

A few months ago, we posted that Celene’s Cuisine was holding a contest for a free wedding cake. Now, the Cleveland bakery is holding the contest again!

You can enter before Monday, Nov. 16th at the Celene Cuisine web site. It’s fun! All you are asked to do is describe your dream wedding cake in 100 words or less. The cake will be made to serve up to 100 guests. Good luck, and tell your friends!

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A View from the Stage: The First Dance

Awkward DanceBeing in a special event band gives us musicians a very special perspective on things that can make the difference between a successful event and one that is primarily remembered for Uncle Shemp dropping his pants and passing out in the middle of the dance floor.  It’s a good thing all prospective brides, grooms and wedding reception guests on the dance floor, at the bar or in the buffet line can’t see what we see from atop our wedding band risers week in and week out….there might be a lot less comedy in the wedding world.

Don’t get me wrong, 99% of the weddings we perform at are gorgeous, classy affairs that are painstakingly planned.  From the band perspective, all of us at JBP work very closely with clients, planners, venues and other vendors to make sure we guide the reception smoothly through its timeline.  But the recurrence of a certain amusing–if not downright awkward–nuptial phenomenon never ceases to amaze…usually starting with the first dance.

The first rule of planning a wedding reception is that there are no rules; whatever the newlyweds like is what should happen.  But it’s always been my understanding that the first dance should be one of the most romantic moments of the big day.  A few minutes that not only christen the dance floor, but that also give a new husband and wife the chance to hold each other and reflect with one another on having just started this new part of their lives together – all while listening to one of their favorite songs.  It’s almost a private moment really.  The most moving and romantic first dances I’ve seen are usually handled this way.  And then there are the others…

You know the ones: the dance school flunkies, who despite weeks of bargain wedding dance class lessons still look like they’re in a boxing match as opposed to a first dance.  And why is it always the grooms with the absolute worst rhythm in the world who seem to be forced into this choreographic conundrum?  It never fails that instead of a lump in my throat I have to fight the giggles at the look of absolute terror on his face and the look of sympathetic frustration on hers as she is relentlessly counting to four through pursed lips.  Rather than a beautiful moment of wedded bliss, these fumblings resemble the awkward prep school dance classes we were forced into as kids.

On behalf of dance schools everywhere, dance classes are great things and fun to do together as a couple.  But a first dance is not a variety show.  You don’t have to entertain your guests – yet.  Newlyweds, do yourself a favor.  Just hold each other and thank your lucky stars you’ve just married this prince or princess of your dreams.  You should remember this moment as one of joy and love in each others’ arms – not one in which you’d rather be anywhere else than having to remember which is your left foot and which is your right.  The genuine look of being in love on both your faces will entertain the crowd way more than any spin or dip. And your future kids will never look through your wedding album asking why daddy was sweating and looked like he had to go potty.

-Geoff Short

At the time of this posting, Geoff was the Sales and Promotions Manager at Jerry Bruno Productions (now Cleveland Music Group) and the bandleader of The Avenue.

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Brides and Brides-To-Be: Buy, Sell and Trade Used Wedding Items

Bride to Bride Boutique is a new website catering to upcoming and past brides. “Your wedding day came and went, now get back the money you spent” reads their tagline.

The auction-like site currently has listings for beautiful wedding dresses, some designer, starting at just $200. Many listings are willing to take offers, and there are even never-worn dresses. The dress shown here is a never-worn Alfred Angelo dress currently being sold for $250 out of Columbus, and the bride is willing to schedule a try-on!

Other categories include jewelry, attendant gifts, favors, flower girl dresses, decorations, and even unwanted wedding gifts.

Visit Bride to Bride Boutique to see the deals or sell your own “wedding whatever!”

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In Wedding & Event Planning

By Leigh

Wedding Planner Tip: How to Change Your Name in Ohio

On 31, Aug 2009 | No Comments | In Wedding & Event Planning | By Leigh

Thank you to wedding planner Ginny Sukenik, CMP of GS Special Events, Ltd for this article.

It takes brides at least four months to complete their name change.  With that said, we’ve tried to take the sting out by providing all the info you need to get started.

Changing your name is a multi-step process and can be done any time after the wedding.  The most important changes are your Social Security card and driver’s license.  After that, you’ll be left with everything from your healthcare provider to your gym membership.  Read on for a guide to getting everything done.

  1. If you don’t want to send out your original marriage license, order certified copies of it before you begin the name-changing process.  To do so, go to the original county probate court where you applied in person or send a request by mail with an enclosed payment.  There is a small fee for marriage license copies.  If your request is mailed, expect to receive your copies in four weeks.
  2. The next step is changing your name on your Social Security card.  The form you will need is called an SS – 5 Form.  To obtain one, call 1-800-772-1213 or download the form from the Social Security Administration. It usually takes about three weeks to receive your new Social Security card in the mail.
  3. Next, get a new driver’s license in your married name.  Your driver’s license can be changed with a certified copy of your marriage license.  Take care of your voter and automobile registration at the same time.  Forms for voter registration can be found and processed at the BMV.  Vehicle titles can be changed only when ownership is transferred to another party.  If your maiden name appears on the title, be sure to place your married and maiden name on the title transfer.
  4. If you have a passport, you’ll need to change your name there, too.  To do so, pick up an amendment form from your local passport office (they are usually located in select post offices) or download it from the Dept. of State web site.  This is a free service.  If you are a first time passport applicant, you will need the DS-11 application.  Plan on a four- to six- week delivery of a new passport.  For an additional fee, you can expedite delivery and receive it in three weeks.  To find out where passports are issued nearest you, call the U.S. Postal Service at 1-800-275-9777 and skip the recording by pressing zero to talk with an operator.  They will ask you your Zip code and then provide you with the locations closest to you.

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In Wedding & Event Planning

By Leigh

Will the wedding be as great as the invitation was?

On 10, Jun 2009 | One Comment | In Wedding & Event Planning | By Leigh

We found this video thanks to our friend Judson Laipply on Twitter.

Judson tweeted, “This may be the most creative wedding invitation ever.” We agree!

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