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Wonderful & Professional DJ

We loved having DJ Bill Bowen at our wedding! Leading up to the event, we talked through our vision and timeline for the day. On the day of the wedding, we barely had the time to talk with him once the wedding started. Even though we were so busy, he was able to take care of everything and DJ an amazing night. We added his services for the ceremony last minute and didn’t have the time to show him the ceremony location or rehearse with him and he pulled everything off in such a professional way. All in all, DJ Bill Bowen did an excellent job and I would definitely hire him again for a big event!

Alex Wolfhope & Dan Reyes
DJ Bill Bowen
Sep 9, 2023
Townline Trails Farm

Fantastic Band!

Stan is the man! We had an amazing experience planning the wedding day with him, and he was kind and helpful all the way through. The Bottom Line band sounded fantastic on our wedding night, and Stan ran the show smoothly. He kept it very low-stress for us. The dance floor was packed, and we had lots of friends and family commenting that they loved the band and the music.

Danielle Sills and Adam Weber
Stan Davis and The Bottom Line
Sep 3, 2023
Tudor Arms


We loved Radiate Live!!! Our guests loved the energy!!!!!!!!

Christina and Kevin
Radiate Live
Sep 2, 2023
Rivercrest Farm

DJ Cadence was a great wedding DJ

We got multiple good reviews at the end of our reception from guests saying that two things were great: the food and the DJ!

DJ Cadence did a thorough job and met with me 2 times before the wedding to make sure we were a good fit and on the same page for the day of. She made the ceremony music flow well, and did a great job getting our small party to dance!

Emily / Patrick manning
DJ Cadence
Sep 3, 2023
Glidden house

So fun and energetic!

Michelle was an amazing DJ for our wedding! She had so much energy and played the perfect music for our event! Everyone said how much fun they had and how they just couldn’t leave the dance floor, the songs were too good!! She was also so helpful with making sure the event stayed on track and we stuck as close as possible to our day of timeline. I would definitely recommend anyone to book Michelle for their wedding.

Erin Huang and Ben Kasik
DJ Cadence/Michelle Dangerfield
Aug 26, 2023
Forest City Brewery


Eric and the Perfect Choice band are the best. Top to bottom, great sound, great people and perfect night. Eric was so willing to work with us, I just can’t get over how nice they made our event. Beyond impressed with these pro’s. Thanks guys, you killed it.

Tom Lawrence
GPI Design
The Perfect Choice
Aug 25, 2023
Supper Club

Everyone needs PJ as part of their wedding

DJ PJ is a master of his craft. He is easy to get along with, endlessly adaptable, and has a great attention to detail. We found ourselves saying “we would definitely be friends with this guy” after our first meeting. We warned PJ there may be limited dancers in our crew, but on the night of the wedding, PJ kept the dance floor packed all night. It takes a special kind of person to be able to transition from traditional Greek dances to pop punk jams (both of these were our requests btw— he didn’t go rogue!), and somehow keep everyone interested in between, and PJ absolutely crushed it. We had guests coming up to us all night raving about how great our DJ was, and we couldn’t agree with them more!

Graham and Becca
DJ PJ Carmack
Aug 26, 2023
Music Box Supper Club

Fantastic DJ for 50th Class Reunion

Our reunion committee and classmates thought Daniel Cormier was the perfect DJ for our event. He was prepared, personable and very receptive to requests. He matched the music (and volume) to our three phases – cocktails, dinner and dancing – perfectly. A huge thank you to Daniel and Cleveland Music Group for helping to make our 50th reunion perfect!

Jeff Close
Berea HS Class of 1973 Reunion Committee
DJ Daniel Cormier
Jul 29, 2023
Avon Oaks CC

The service was great and I’m so happy I chose Jordan to be our DJ

DJ Jordan ensured that things were set!!! He made sure to inform us on what’s about to take place. Jordan was great with music selections!!

Nastassia Wilson
DJ Jordan K
Aug 20, 2023
Sun Valley

Worth Every Penny: Party of a Lifetime

If you’re trying to show up and show out, if you’re trying to GET DOWN and GET AROUND on that floor… this band is for you. If floor stomping, booty rockin’ tunes isn’t your thing, then you should just pass this review up, you don’t need these guys. They’re too cool, too professional, too effective as entertainers… unless you’re trying to take it to the limit.

Remember Liam Neeson’s character in ‘Taken’? His unique set of skills that make him very effective? That’s THE ELEMENT, except instead of torturing Albanian human traffickers, their business is PARTYING and business is booming. These guys are like the John Wick or Seal Team 6 of wedding bands without all the dead dogs and helicopter crashes. Skilled operators.

The Element Band, not AN element, THE element. These guys are the Carbon, or Hydrogen for your party, the building blocks of it’s LIFE. Invigorate your party and hire them.

Also spring for the brass and woodwind instruments. Erin Rossi was like an event manager once she showed up SUPER helpful and kept the timeline of the event moving along. Awesome band, the guests all complimented me on them.

Morgan King & John Doyle
The Element Band
Aug 12, 2023
St Demetrios Event Center Rocky River, OH

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