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In Wedding & Event Planning

By Leigh

Enjoying Your Wedding Planning Process by Hiring a Wedding Planner

On 30, Dec 2008 | No Comments | In Wedding & Event Planning | By Leigh

Trying to decide whether or not to hire a wedding planner? You might want to read this article by Denise Shaw, owner of “Brides Best Friend” Wedding Planning. She’ll help you understand why having a wedding planner can be so priceless.

As a wedding planner, my suggestions for all our wonderful brides is to remember that this is YOUR day.  Get SOMEONE to help you, whether you are very organized or not so organized!!

Most of us need guidance, direction and support during the wedding planning process. Many brides are working or going to school, juggling the details of their home and trying to find time to spend with their fiance let alone plan the biggest event they have ever coordinated on top of all of this.  Some brides even try to change jobs, move or buy a house!!  The stress of it all can be more than most of us can handle.

A wedding planner is a guide on the journey through this wonderful time in your life.  They help with the pace, details and coordination of the hundreds of choices that need to be made.  Every Bride with whom I have ever had the privilege of working has always PLANNED her own wedding. By “plan,” I mean selected all her own vendors and talked through each detail of the day with me – she makes all the choices with guidance and support.  Yes, it is all done HER way!

Then a few days before the wedding, there comes a time when I have each one of my Brides “take off her Planning Hat” and “put ON her Veil,” moving from planner to star! When this happens she comfortably and confidently turns over the execution of the details for her special day to her trusted “person” (me!), and ENJOYS her day. 

Brides who try to play “Event Planner” and “Bride” at the same time are missing things throughout the day.  If they are still trying to coordinate details, they miss the special moments of being pampered and having fun.   One can’t play both roles at the same time.  That’s when Bridezilla shows up.  Think about it, what are the characteristics of a Bridezilla?  Someone who refuses to trust anyone but herself! There are trustworthy people out there who will care about the success of your wedding day as much as you do. They are professional wedding planners and wedding vendors! Meet them, use them, trust them!

This goes for Mother-of-the-Bride too.  Mom, remember: you only get to be “Mother of the Bride” with your daughter for one day.  Enjoy all the special moments with your daughter and all your guests! (I have four daughters and when they get married, we are hiring a wedding planner!!  I don’t want to miss one minute of being “Mother of the Bride.”)

A good wedding planner will NEVER take away the special role of any of the family members.  A good wedding planner is there to compliment and support so you can truly enjoy your special day.

The role of “Bride” is a precious one! Trust someone to help you and guide you so you can enjoy every minute of this wonderful journey.


Bride’s Best Friend
           Denise K. Shaw
                    Wedding Consultant

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