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By Leigh

On 06, Jan 2016 | In | By Leigh

Atlas Jazz

Atlas Jazz covers a wide range of material from straight jazz to R&B and rock. Sax player Paul Devee founded the group and chose musicians with experience in multiple genres; musicians who have both the desire and the ability to play all this music with joy and authority. He chose vocalist Anna Givens for the same reason.

Paul and Anna met as members of the popular Toledo swing band, Swingmania. For several years in many venues, Anna and Paul contributed some big moments on tunes like ‘Cry Me A River’ and ‘Mambo Italiano’ – Anna on vocals, Paul on clarinet or alto sax. They were part of the band when Swingmania won the 2012 Detroit Battle of the Big Bands. Anna invited Paul to play in her band at her July 2013 concert at the State Theatre in Sandusky, Ohio. The show was a hit – the crowd went wild – and a few weeks later, Paul called Anna to invite her to join his new band, Atlas Jazz.

Vocals: Anna Givens
Sax: Paul Devee
Piano: Duncan Jones
Drums: Ted Smith
Bass: Chris Morelli