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By Leigh

On 29, Jul 2021 | In | By Leigh

Difrent Vibez Live Band

Difrent Vibez Live is a collaboration between the main elements of the Difrent Vibez DJ trio and live musicians and singers. The live band always brings the energy and enthusiasm that gets clients dancing at any event. Difrent Vibez Live delivers a carefully constructed blend of pop, classic rock, soul, R&B, hip hop, country and the most up-to-date hit songs. Their set lists will have your guests of all ages dancing, laughing and enjoying the event.

To enhance their shows, Difrent Vibez Live delivers a quality product with state-of-the-art sound equipment, talented musicians, singers and a light show that will keep your event going for hours. Finally, being birthed out of the DJ live trio, Difrent Vibez Live can also include the DJ feature package with the band to keep the energy high at your event. Difrent Vibez Live will bring the excitement, professionalism and collaboration to make sure every event is perfectly custom-fit to your event.

Sample Song List

Difrent Vibez Sample List