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By Leigh

On 09, Apr 2021 | In | By Leigh

DJ James Fruits

The first thing you’ll notice about DJ James Fruits is how likable he is. His unmistakable charisma draws people in, making them feel at ease. Always smiling, he loves to help others smile and have a great time! James has been doing event production starting from middle school to professionally his entire career. After he began DJing over 10 years ago, he quickly fell in love with Emceeing and DJing weddings.

James majored in vocal music at Greenville University and live music performances have always been one of his passions. Included in James’ DJ package is the option of him performing live for cocktail or dinner hour, where he will sing and play guitar, ukulele, and often uses a loop station to create live mashups. His repertoire ranges from classic rock like Tom Petty to modern songs by John Legend and others. It is a great way for James to build a unique rapport with your guests that helps draw them into participation for the entire night.

One of our more experienced DJs, James is always pushing himself to improve and learn. James is a natural leader and always has been, from leadership roles in high school and college, to being named his city’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year for his contributions to the city’s leadership. This knack for leadership helps him keep your wedding day organized, which helps you relax and enjoy your day, knowing you’re in good hands.

That said, James knows how to have fun and rarely turns down a dare. See how that led to him being interviewed on national TV for Inside Edition.