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On 21, Dec 2017 | In | By Leigh

Match City

Match City was created for one common purpose: to let their professionalism, energy, and personality shine at every show they play. The members of Match City have all had their hand in the club and wedding music scene for years and know what buyers are looking for. A high-energy show, full of fun, recognizable and current songs that will keep you on the dance floor and at the bar the entire night!

Although the band originates from Cleveland, Match City was bred out of a chance meeting at Put-In-Bay. Calen Savidge was playing an afternoon acoustic set when drummer Dan Edmondson (Trailer Park Ninjas, Oval Opus), on a set break from his own gig, stumbled upon his show. Already a veteran of the Midwest band scene, Dan knew that Calen would be a great person to start a new band with. Dan recruited longtime friend and bass player Adam Orin (Hey Monea!, Trailer Park Ninjas) and Guitarist Daniel Carballal (Walk of Shame, Producer), a Berkeley School of Music Grad, to round out the quartet.