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On 31, Dec 2014 | In | By Leigh

Wind and Sand – Belly Dancers

Stunning Belly Dancers…Glittering Costumes…Exotic Melodies…Gossamer Veils…Majestic Swords…This captivating Music and Belly Dance Spectacular encompasses all of these exciting elements and more!

Gorgeous group numbers are set to the intoxicating rhythms of Arabic pop music, dramatically adorned tribal-style dancers in perfect synchronization, and spellbinding solo performances that capture the beauty and tradition of this art form. Each dedicated dancer shares the same passion to exhibit her own unique talent and create an eclectic fusion of styles.

The star of Wind and Sand, Cassandra Al Warda, has been studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance for more than 20 years. Known for her masterful technique of the most complex and intricate movements, she is also the featured performer at many of the area’s finest establishments. Her repertoire is comprised of traditional Raqs Sharqi and aspects of modern American Belly Dance. She is dedicated to promoting the art form in a manner that is beautiful, exciting, and suitable for all audiences. It is her belief that educating the general public through performance and instruction will foster a better understanding of the dance and its Middle Eastern heritage.