Q: What kind of music do you provide?
ANS: We provide every type of musical entertainment imaginable. Bands, DJs, Jazz & Classical Ensembles, solo musicians and specialty acts, including Latin styles, tribute acts, country and much, much more.

Q: How long have you been in business?
ANS: Jerry Bruno Productions opened in the Cleveland area in 1999. Scott Jones worked in the office and as a DJ for a decade before taking over operations and transitioning to Cleveland Music Group between 2010-2014.

Q: How many events do you do a year?
ANS: We service approximately 1200 single events each year (most of them weddings!), not counting the many nightclubs and country clubs we service on a weekly basis.


Q: What is the price range and time frame for your bands?
ANS: Band prices range from $2,500 to $17,000 for four hours on Saturday evenings. Most bands (but not all!) have reduced rates for Fridays, Sundays, and weekdays. Some of the larger bands use a smaller configuration on non-Saturday nights, which also factors into the price. A median price for a popular average-size band in our market is $3,000.

Q: How many breaks do the bands take? For how long?
ANS: Most bands take three 15-minute breaks in a four hour performance. There is no end to the music, as CDs or MP3s are played when the band takes each break. Clients may buy out or add more breaks at a rate of 10% of the base price of the band you are booking. Many clients will buy out the last break, which will provide a continuous performance for the last two hours of the evening.

Q: Is there any music during the breaks?
ANS: The band will play CDs or MP3s. While not necessary, we encourage our clients to create their own break playlists on iPod or CD in order to further customize the evening with songs the band does not perform. CDs should be 15 minutes long and should be numbered “Break 1, 2 & 3.” The first break CD will usually consist of dinner music.

Q: Does the band also MC?
ANS: Every band has a leader and MC to facilitate speeches and activities and to keep the evening moving. The band leader will also help to create a timeline for the evening.

Q: Can I meet/talk with the bandleader prior to the date?
ANS: Yes, about 30 days prior to the event. At that time, all the details and song selections will be discussed and documented.

Q: Can I see the band play live?
ANS: We will do our best to arrange an opportunity for you to see a band performing “live” with the permission of whomever the band is performing for.

Q: How many songs do they play in an evening?
ANS: 40 to 50.

Q: Do I provide the band members with a meal?
ANS: Yes, please discuss this with your venue. Most will be happy to arrange specific vendor meals, deli tray, water and non-alcoholic beverages. A private room is preferred.

Q: What time does the band set up?
ANS: Bands that play for four hours including dinner music are finished with set up and sound check one hour prior to the determined start time according to contract terms. Some bands play three hours of dance and DJ for the first hour; those bands finish set up and sound check two hours prior. Earlier set-up is available for a nominal fee.

Q: What does the band wear?
ANS: Formal wear unless otherwise specified.

Q: What are the payment terms?
ANS: The deposit is 50% with the balance of 50% due on two weeks before the event.

Q: How much is overtime?
ANS: Overtime is available pro-rata and may be booked in ½ hour increments. For example: The rate for a band that books at $2,000 for four hours would be $250 for an additional ½ hour, $500 for an additional hour. You may “book” overtime on the spot, right at the end of the contracted evening.

Q: What if a band member can’t make it to our wedding due to illness or an emergency?
ANS: We will substitute the performer in with a professional, suitable replacement.

Q: How do I book a Band?
ANS: Please call our office and discuss the details with a coordinator during business hours, or fill out our Info Request Form. Please also be aware that there is no “hold” on a band’s availability other than having a contract created for a specific band on a specific date. The creation of a contract holds the band’s availability for 10 days.


Q: What is the price range and time frame for your DJs?
ANS: Prices range from $995 to $3,000 for five hours on Saturday evenings. Weekday special pricing available.

Q: What determines the DJ prices?
ANS: Many factors are involved, including the DJ’s experience and style, how long they have worked with our company, as well as the number of DJs included in service (1 or 2).

Q: How many hours does the DJ perform?
ANS: Five hours.

Q: How much is the overtime if needed?
ANS: DJ overtime is $150 per hour when pre-booked.

Q: What do they wear?
ANS: If not specified, they all wear tuxedos.

Q: Do they use CDs, MP3s, etc?
ANS: Most of our DJs use CDs and MP3 media formats

Q: Do they provide lighting?
ANS: Most of our DJs provide lighting for the event. You may also purchase uplighting through our office.

Q: What time are they set up by?
ANS: All DJs are finished setting up one hour prior to the start time.

Q: Do they DJs take breaks?
ANS: No they do not.

Q: Do they work alone or with assistants?
ANS: Most of our DJ work solo but some bring an assistant to keep the flow going while they MC and coordinate the event. If the DJ has an assistant it will likely say so on their web page.

Q: What if the DJ gets sick or can’t make it to our wedding do to an emergency?
ANS: You are never left without a DJ. We will make sure your event is covered with one of our professional DJs. We always keep at least two open on any date for emergency use.

Q: Is there a wireless microphone for the toasts and blessing?
ANS: Yes.

Q: Do they MC the event as well?
ANS: Yes, all of our DJs are also qualified MCs.

Q: Can I pick a “DO PLAY” and “DON’T PLAY” list of music?
ANS: Most definitely, it is the most important part of the entertainment planning process.

Q: Will the DJ help me plan the event?
ANS: Yes, our DJs have done hundreds of weddings. They are all great at providing direction and suggesting ideas and songs.

Q: Do I get to meet the DJ prior to the wedding?
ANS: Yes, you may meet or speak with the DJ about 30 days prior to the event to discuss all the details of your wedding reception.

Q: Do we have to provide a meal for the DJ?
ANS: Yes, please provide a meal for the DJ (deli tray or cold sandwich). Between the one hour early set up, performance and tear down, it can easily be an eight hour day.

Q: How do I book a DJ?
ANS: Please call our office and discuss the details with a sales associate during business hours or fill out our Info Request form. Please also be aware that there is no “hold” on a DJs availability other than having a contract created for a specific DJ on a specific date. The creation of a contract holds the DJs availabilty for ten days.


Q: How long do they play?
ANS: As long as you like.

Q: What is the minimum I can book a musician or ensemble?
ANS: One hour.

Q: What is the most popular ensemble?
ANS: Solo Harp and our Sonata Strings Trio.

Q: Will they work with our music director at our church?
ANS: Yes, they will co-ordinate the event with the music director if needed.

Q: How early are they set up?
ANS: Our ceremony musicians are set up ½ hour early.

Q: Do they come to our rehearsal?
ANS: Not usually. If it is required, a fee will apply.

Q: Will they play with our church organist or my friend who would like to sing during our wedding?
ANS: Yes, they would be happy to perform with any other musician / vocalist the bride and groom require.

Q: Do we get a chance to plan the event with the leader of the ensemble/musician?
ANS: Yes, about 30 days prior to the event.

Q: How long should our prelude and postlude music be?
ANS: We recommend at least 15 minutes of music for either part of the ceremony.

Q: What do they wear?
ANS: Tuxedos and Black Dresses.

Q: Do they provide amplification?
ANS: Usually no, it’s not needed. In some cases, such as a solo harp in an outside setting, we would provide an amplifier to make sure all the guests could hear the performance.

Q: What happens if one of my musicians get sick?
ANS: We will make sure we fill in the musician with a highly trained and qualified professional.

Q: If my ceremony runs over what I had contracted, how will I be charged?
ANS: Sometimes ceremonies start late or end up going longer than planned. If this happens, we will charge the overtime rate stated on the contract to the appropriate person. The office will call to collect the balance over the phone on the Monday after the event.

Q: How do I book my favorite ceremony ensemble or musician?
ANS: To officially book your favorite, please call our office and discuss the details with a coordinator during business hours, or fill out our Info Request form.