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By Leigh

On 24, May 2018 | In | By Leigh

12 South Band

If you’re looking for something different–for all your friends and family to ask ‘WHERE did you find this band?’–The 12 South Band is for you. One of the most sought-after entertainment bands in the country, this exciting dance band plays a huge variety of music from all genres and is known for its high-energy, medley-style show with choreography, outfit changes, a wireless front line, and fun crowd interaction!
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By Leigh

On 22, Jul 2014 | In | By Leigh

The Edge


Your wedding or event undoubtedly includes people of all ages and nationalities. Why not hire a band with the capability to keep ALL your guests engaged and on the dance floor!

The Edge (formerly Rick & the Cutting Edge) is a 6-Piece Cleveland wedding band that offers unparalleled music variety & entertainment for all occasions!
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By Leigh

On 21, May 2014 | In | By Leigh

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line has been one of the most successful Cleveland wedding bands for over 20 years. This 7 piece group is fronted by two dynamic lead vocalists. It can go from sophisticated jazz and ballads to a band that “rocks the house.”

Experience, versatility, flexibility, and dependability are some of our strengths. We have never cancelled a job in 20 years. We enjoy working with the client during the planning process. During the performance everyone in the band is focused on making it an enjoyable event for the client and guests alike.
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By Leigh

On 04, Dec 2014 | In | By Leigh

Tricky Dick & the Cover-Ups

Tricky Dick’s four young and energetic members with fun personalities and refined musicianship nail a constantly growing playlist of nearly 200 hit songs. With an undeniable repertoire comprised of non-stop blocks of music, a unique and compelling intelligent light show, a sincere dedication to engaging every audience, and over 200+ shows a year, Tricky Dick is available and has experience in major clubs, weddings, festivals and events.

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By Leigh

On 05, May 2016 | In | By Leigh

Cleveland Keys Dueling Pianos

A world-class, all-request, Dueling Pianos show delivered with the highest level of musicianship and entertainment, Cleveland Keys can play any event and travel anywhere!
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On 01, Oct 2015 | In | By Leigh

We Are the Radio

An energetic and youthful music experience featuring professional, award-winning musicians…We Are the Radio utilizes an always-fresh catalog of over 250 songs with catchy hooks, crowd fave sing-a-longs, and a big sound that takes any occasion to the next level.

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