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News & Updates

By Angel

Live Streaming With CMG

On 20, Oct 2020 | No Comments | In Addons, blog, News & Updates | By Angel

This year has brought a lot of changes to the event industry and attendee’s experiences. Because of this, we are now offering live streaming service to share your event with more friends and family!
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In Wedding & Event Planning

By Leigh

Developing A Theme For Your Event

On 18, Apr 2008 | No Comments | In Wedding & Event Planning | By Leigh

Today’s Event Planning tip is courtesy of Valerie Kirkbride of Kirkbride’s Wedding Planning & Design.

Developing a central theme for your wedding is essential to holding a unique event.  This idea is central to all of the amenities such as the food served, specialty drinks, colors, floral, decor, table names, and much more.  Having trouble developing an idea?  Think of your heritage, a place you enjoy traveling to, the style of stores you enjoy shopping at, eras of the past, favorite music and your personalities in general.  Be careful not to go overboard though, as there is a fine line between cheesy and artistic!

A few examples of themes my clients have used and are using right now include Tuscan Italian, Fate and Destiny, Old Glam, Classic American Love Story, French Jazz Bistro and Russian Ice.

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