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Lighting & Decor with Cleveland Music Group

Cleveland Music Group offers various lighting and decor options for any type of event. Read on to learn about what we offer and how even a simple addition of lighting or decorations can make a huge impact on the atmosphere of your next event! Read more…

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In DJs

By Leigh

JBP’s Geoff Contributing to Mobile Beat Online Magazine

On 16, Oct 2011 | No Comments | In DJs, Featured | By Leigh

Geoff Short of Jerry Bruno Productions is proud to be a new contributing blogger for Mobile Beat Magazine online.  Mobile Beat is a leading DJ industry publication and Geoff will be writing various articles relating to the DJ business periodically.  Here is a Geoff’s latest Mobile Beat Blog entry:

Like many DJs, I have a varied entertainment background.  Being a well-rounded performer can only help a DJ be a more effective entertainer.  In addition to being a DJ, I’m a singer and currently the Band Leader of a 10-piece wedding band, but I have also spent a lifetime performing in live musical theatre productions and have directed them as well. So it’s not surprising that I often look at the profession – and, indeed, the art – of DJing through the lens of other performing art forms, especially theatre which naturally has a lot in common with DJing – rehearsal, public speaking, interaction with a live audience and technical elements including live sound reinforcement and of course, creative lighting.

Typical DJ gigs don’t involve curtain calls, but a look at some of the basic ways lighting is used in live theatre productions might get us closer to a standing ovation at the end of the night.

I was just reading a thread on one of the seemingly infinite online DJ forums.  This particular discussion caught my attention because it posed a question I’ve thought a lot about lately. Whether or not modern DJs actually need tons of state-of-the-art gear many of us seem obsessed with to be truly great entertainers.   I am still fairly new to the mobile DJ scene so it feels like I still have an objective point of view about the DJ profession.  I’ve been amazed at how much focus there has been in the mobile DJ community on gear that doesn’t actually make any music – specifically lighting.

I have a theory.  We dig toys.

Click to read the whole article: All the (DJ’s) World is a Stage: Why DJs could learn Lighting Lessons from the Theatre

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In Wedding & Event Planning

By Leigh

5 Creative Wedding Planning Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

On 29, Feb 2008 | No Comments | In Wedding & Event Planning | By Leigh

Another of our favorite wedding planners, Amy Shipman, President of At Last Event Planning, wanted to share with us some of her tips for a bride who wants to be a little more creative than traditional.  Here are some ideas you may not have thought of before:

  1. The Unexpected- Give your guests something they don’t expect and you’ll leave a lasting impression on them. A customized out-of-towners gift basket with local flair is the perfect way to welcome your out of town guests. Or perhaps a late night snack–after hours of cocktails and dancing, they’ll appreciate the treat!
  2. Be Creative- Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer to come up with creative alternatives to the items we have all come to expect from a wedding dinner. Food can be an art form; utilizing local and seasonal products will infuse a more personal feel.
  3. Lighting Is Everything- In good lighting, everything and everyone looks better. Often under-utilized lighting can transform your wedding space into something magical or downright funky; from a room wash in a dramatic bold hue to hundreds of whimsical paper lanterns or a custom logo projected on the dance floor, the right touch of light will make all the difference.
  4. Eclectic Style-The days of all round tables with one style of centerpiece are gone and in its place are a mix of round, square and long tables as well as several different centerpiece designs meant to capture your attention and create the WOW factor we all crave.
  5. Go Green- In a world that is increasingly focused on conserving and the environment, use your wedding as an opportunity to share your love of the earth with your guests…from recycled and/or plantable invitations to organic/local food and sustainable centerpieces, you can create a naturally romantic event!

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