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10 Unique Ways to Propose

In the spirit of National Proposal Day, we are bringing you 10 unique and fun ways to propose! They may not be traditional, but they will make for an extraordinary moment.

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In Wedding & Event Planning

By Leigh

101 Ways to Propose Marriage

On 27, May 2009 | 19 Comments | In Wedding & Event Planning | By Leigh

Scott E. Jones has been working as a DJ, entertainment booker, event planner and office manager with Jerry Bruno Productions (now Cleveland Music Group) for nearly a decade. During his countless meetings with newly engaged couples, he has always asked one question: “How did you propose?”

Scott kept a list of all the answers he has received over the years and compiled them. Here they are for your reading enjoyment or idea stimulation. Feel free to comment and share your proposal story!

Note: we’ve left in many of the locations as told to us, but feel free to replace with your own!

1.   Clean the house, make dinner, then hide signs for her to follow that lead to your heart. You’ll be there with the ring in hand. Add a poem in the actual proposal that she’ll never forget.

2.   While scuba diving, under water, hide the ring in a treasure chest off the coast of Key West.

3.   Hide the ring in her breath mint tin, then ask her for a mint. Read more…

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