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Talent Spotlight: DJ Eric Smith

On 16, May 2018 | No Comments | In Music, DJs, CMG Talent Spotlight | By Angel

Eric Smith is The Bearded DJ.

Eric has been a DJ since 2011. He joined the Cleveland Music Group talent roster in 2011 as a DJ and joined the CMG sales office in 2017. He spent two years as an apprentice to Scott Jones before becoming a lead DJ. 

Eric Smith has always loved sharing music with people and has a knack for creating the perfect mix tapes and playlists for every person or occasion in his life.

DJ Eric Smith

Q & A with Eric

Q: What is your favorite part about being a DJ?

A: Being everyone else’s favorite part of a wedding. My one goal every time I do this is for the couple to have their friends and family reminding them the rest of their lives how much fun they had at the wedding.


Q: If you could perform at any venue, where would it be?

A: Honestly, I don’t care. Stick me in a field with 25 people or sold out Madison Square Garden. As long as everyone is there to have fun I’ll be happy.


Q: What’s your favorite song to play that gets people dancing?

A: I’m not going to tell you that! My favorite is a song that you don’t necessarily expect to hear at a wedding and everyone from about 20-50 years old knows every word. I’m not giving away my secrets here, but maybe if you pay close attention to my Instagram stories you’ll catch it.


Q: What’s your most memorable experience at an event?

A: That’s tough, last year I did help a best man and groom with a surprise performance of “Guy Love” from Scrubs during toasts. It was pretty epic.


Q: If you could DJ anyone’s wedding in the world, who’s would it be?

A: I seriously don’t know how to begin answering this question. I’m making an executive decision that they can be fictional. Ron Swanson for obvious reasons including the guest list with people like Andy Dwyer, Leslie Knope, and hopefully Jean Ralphio. [insert gif of Ron dancing with tiny hat]


More about Eric

When he’s not DJing or in the office, Eric spends most of his time with his wife and their baby boy at home in Lakewood or out and about enjoying all the awesome things to do in Cleveland. Aside from his family and music, he enjoys reality tv, podcasts, all the cheese and coffee, beard maintenance, and the Oxford comma.

Eric records a podcast called The Bearded Bride with Dustin, a wedding photographer. Each week they welcome a guest to discuss wedding-related topics. This is a podcast for anyone planning a wedding, working in weddings, or just interested in weddings. They hope to offer a fresh and helpful voice for this massive industry. Click here to listen on iTunes!

The Bearded Bride Podcast


Follow Eric on Twitter & Instagram.

Click here to listen to his Spotify playlist.

Follow The Bearded Bride Podcast on Twitter, Instagram, and iTunes.

The Bearded DJ

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