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By Leigh

Hire The Cleveland Keys Trio

On 09, Nov 2017 | In | By Leigh

The groom wrote the following and I agree with all he said:

“There is really only one word to describe these guys, amazing! We would 100% hire them again (and again and again). Do yourself a favor and hire them. Let me add the caveat that we do not know the band personally so this isn’t a review from someone’s family member. We learned about them when looking at bands online. Here are some specifics. The Cleveland Keys Trio:

*Showed up several hours early to get set up to make sure there weren’t issues (helpful on stressful wedding days).
*Were friendly, courteous, etc. the whole time.
*Got a whole group of older guests (70+) onto the dance floor (no easy feat).
*Took open requests for songs–this is pretty amazing as how many bands can play anything.
*Allowed several drunken guests to attempt to sing (and helped them along with the vocals).
*Gladly let a guest play guitar with them (the guest was good at guitar but still most bands would be annoyed having a guest join in).

We requested a song they didn’t know and they learned it on their break and played it after — it sounded great. We didn’t hear anything but positive comments from guests. What more can you ask for. On a scale of 1 to 10 these guys were an 11. Hire them.”